The workout

A once or twice per week private and closely supervised 20-30 minute strength training session designed around multi-joint, compound exercises that safely fatigue multiple muscles at once with minimal force placed on delicate joints. A typical workout will include 4-7 exercises each performed in a single set of very slow and controlled repetitions until complete and sequential muscular motor unit exhaustion is achieved. This takes between 1-4 minutes per exercise.  When one exercise is finished you will immediately move onto the next with as little rest as possible, keeping you in a state of oxygen debt and driving your metabolism upward.  This is all done on equipment designed to track proper muscle and joint function and to avoid injury despite incredible intensity of effort.  Our computerized biofeedback systems will teach you how to bring on the maximum productive fatigue in the minimum time. 

Does this really work?

Yes.  As long as you remember these three words: brief, intense and infrequent.  That is the nature of the stimulus your body needs.  Brevity and frequency handle themselves within our protocol but achieving the required level of intensity takes practice, is really hard work and is ultimately in your hands.  We can show you the techniques for getting there and guide you to do that work safely and productively and with a very small time commitment on your part.  If you are willing to work hard for 20-30 minutes per week we are convinced that you will be happy with the results and all the free time you have to do the things in life you really love.

Computer interpolated biofeedback measures force output during the exercise to help guide your effort, from initially loading you muscular structures in a graduated manner to ensuring you remain properly engaged throughout the exercise.

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