"I took almost a minute and a half off my 5K time after four months of working with the Strongworks."

Bonnie Wilder, West Hartford

Science of very high order; good for my health, good for my patients

Best shape of my life

Stronger muscles, stronger as a person, and no sweat

I can't imagine a more conscientious and well-trained exercise guide than Owen Drolet; and the science behind this slow-motion, resistance-type training seems to be of very high order. All of this is explained in excellent detail before you even start and the overall cardiovascular and metabolic benefits which occur, in addition to the basic muscle strengthening effects, are very reassuring. All of this in a one-session-per-week schedule fits my lifestyle to a T and I happily visit Owen to “fail and empty the tank” on my morning off. I have been attending for almost a year, have referred many of my patients to him as well and will continue to do both for the foreseeable future.

Dr. J. Michael Herr, DO, West Hartford

Cholesterol dropped, stronger and healthier at age 57 than ever

Eat right and exercise regularly, always easier said than done for me.  Committing to The Strongworks a little over of a year ago has allowed me to overcome the excuse of; “I don’t have time”.  This program works for me because I simply am not motivated to spend hours at a gym each week.  I have achieved great results by working with Owen for 2 short (about 20 minutes) sessions per week. At age 57 I believe I am stronger and healthier than perhaps any other time in my life. My annual blood test confirmed what I feel, all my key blood metrics were “excellent” (my physicians words), for example, my overall cholesterol dropped from 186 to 142. Owen is an excellent instructor and motivator and he is great to work with.  It is tough work but the results have been very good for me.

Tom Trutter, New Britain

Built significant muscle without pain despite history of back and knee problems

I've been a client of the Strongworks since my freshman year in high school - I am now a junior. Before going to the Strongworks I had multiple back problems and had pain in my knees nearly every day. Doctors did practically nothing and conventional weight lifting made the problem worse, but the Strongworks allowed me, through their precise, low-force method of strength training, to build muscle without joint and back pain so I was and am able to run, compete in sports, and generally participate in physical activity again.  On top of how much better I feel, the Strongworks has also transformed how I look.  When I started I was 5’11” and a skinny 145 pounds - I am now, at the same height, a lean and muscular 170 pounds.

Kyle Dale, West Hartford

Major increase in strength and stamina for client with Parkinson's disease

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease some 22 years ago. My neurologist started me on a drug regiment and added exercise as a major component, "Exercise is critical in slowing the progression of the disease"… for years I was constantly reminded of this by doctors and my wife.  Eventually I woke up and took their advice; I joined a gym (one of the local 'big box' types). Bad idea, too many people and no individual attention and major mobility issues.... It was a real downer and gave me reason not to exercise. Then I heard about The Strongworks which offered private one-on-one sessions with high intensity, low impact training. I've been training with Owen for nearly two years now, one session per week, and have really noticed a major increase in strength and stamina. There's no downtime, you get in and Owen gets going. Twenty minutes of intense work.  It's for real!

Ed Kycia, West Hartford

I have been a member of many gyms over the years and been a runner for a long time.  Despite all of that, the past year working with Owen at The Strongworks has put me in the best shape of my life and with a time investment of less than an hour per week.  This is a complete body workout, inside and out, with virtually no risk of injury.

Abigail Jewett, West Hartford

It makes all other exercise seem irrational and haphazard

The first thing you notice about the Stongworks is how precise everything is, from the unique, high-end machinery to the incredibly meticulous application of the protocol.  Starting with my initial consultation, it was explained that we would be working from a strict definition of what exercise is (and isn’t) and that I would be guided on how to adhere to that definition with every minute detail – how I would breathe, how I loaded my muscles and engaged the machines, even how I moved from exercise to exercise.  It made every past experience I’ve had with exercise instruction seem irrational at worst and haphazard at best.  Of course, none of this would have mattered if it didn’t produce results.  But the Strongworks has been one-stop shopping for me, providing both great results on the fitness front and solid, easy to follow evidence-based guidance on proper nutrition - following the total program has helped me to shed - and keep off - 35 pounds of body fat, while significantly increasing lean muscle mass. Thanks to The Strongworks, I’m entering my mid-40’s in the best shape of my life.

Steven Douglass, West Hartford

Pain-free and stronger than ever, with such a small time commitment

Having played serious competitive tennis my whole life I had become resigned to living with chronic knee pain and as each year saw the pain get worse and worse, I began to think my playing days would soon be over.  Working with The Strongworks since 2012 I have been pain free and stronger than ever all while playing tennis and paddle year-round.  I never would have imagined that such a small time commitment to exercise – in my case, once a week for half an hour – could provide so much benefit.

Mark Sinatro, West Hartford

Only 20 minutes can produce such remarkable results

The Strongworks can be very beneficial for anyone, regardless of your level of experience or fitness. All it takes to show remarkable results is the ability to focus on correct technique.  I’ve considered myself fit and athletic for decades, and have had considerable experience with traditional resistance training, where you measure success by being able to do more reps.  It took me a while with The Strongworks to learn that if you can apply the right form throughout the entire range of motion, you can derive more benefit from fewer reps!  You can continue to challenge yourself by fine-tuning your technique - traditional training uses the negative part of the motion to rest and get ready for the next push, but you can learn to use this part of the exercise to further your depletion.   I’m a serious and competitive runner, so I was expecting to concentrate on upper-body work - I more than met my upper-body goals, but I am astounded by the strength gains in my legs and glutes.  In years past, my back would hurt from shoveling snow, but this year, I moved mountains of snow with no ill effects.  I’m very impressed by how only 20 minutes, twice a week at the Strongworks can produce such remarkable results.

Ray Wise, Hartford

Two years ago, after I had lost about 80 pounds, my MD recommended that I start weight training to help build muscle.  Around the same time, an acquaintance mentioned she had begun a fantastic practice that involved only half hour work outs and no sweat.  Being a couch potato from way back, this sounded perfect for me!

Working with Owen has become so much more than anything I could have imagined.  Yes, I’ve gotten stronger and developed muscles in places I never knew I had.  However, what I didn’t expect is how strong I’d feel as a person, that I would want to continue to become even stronger, and that I’d want to master the program.  The program is simple, logical, and very safe.   Owen has this wonderful way of using gentle motivation and encouragement in a completely safe, non-judgmental manner.  He is knowledgeable and a genuinely nice person.  And he inspires me to want to do my best!

Linda P. Gilbert, West Hartford

On a post-surgery journey to a significantly higher level of energy

After several major surgeries, I felt compelled to get my body back into a stronger state of physical well- being. A good friend referred me to Mr. Owen Drolet, the managing partner of The Strongworks, as an individual who could assist me in this personal journey. I am pleased to report that after 10 months of Owen’s carefully supervised, highly unique, and customized program, I feel stronger, and have a significantly higher level of energy. I would highly recommend Owen’s unique professional one-on-one approach to anyone who is trying to upgrade their level of health, and fitness in their lives. 

Joe Laffin, CCP, West Hartford
Managing Partner, Human Resources Consulting

A continuous learning opportunity, challenging and rewarding

Based on Owen's expert guidance, I find myself feeling stronger and more fit with just two 20-minute sessions per week.  The workouts are focused, challenging, tailored, and rewarding.  I have never worked with a personal trainer before and find the dedicated attention, helpful pointers, and verbal support extremely helpful.  As a musician, I feel there’s a close correlation with making music and this training protocol. To me, both offer a continuous learning opportunity.  I am never bored and can always find ways to improve my technique and engagement in the process.  The details are important and subtle changes can have a significant impact, whether they are from a mental or physical perspective. The more I focus on the process and correct technique, the more rewarding the workout.  I continually evaluate my performance and look for ways to improve. I fondly recall my parents saying that hard work pays off.  That certainly applies to this training!  I would highly recommend this protocol to anyone!

Cathy Lord, Hartford